Guillermo de Aranzabal, President of La Rioja Alta, S.A., named EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Northern Zone

Our President, Guillermo de Aranzabal, has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year - Northern Zone (Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country, Navarre, and La Rioja), a prestigious international award created 27 years ago by the multinational consulting firm Ernst&Young in collaboration with IESE, to recognize outstanding businessmen and entrepreneurs who contribute to creating wealth and employment in our country.

This achievement will allow Guillermo de Aranzabal to compete for the national award, which will be announced in March, and if successful, for the International Award 'EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™' to be held in Montecarlo.

After receiving the award, our President expressed words of gratitude and showed satisfaction for the distinction. "I am very grateful for this Award to EY and IESE not only because it's always exciting to be recognized for the past, but mainly for the motivation it gives me for the future, which is what matters. Entrepreneurs sometimes feel a bit alone making often disruptive decisions or against traditional logic. This Award makes me feel that many of those decisions have been socially and entrepreneurially good."

The EY partner responsible for the Northern Zone, Pablo Sanz, congratulated the winner and stated in his speech that "the recognition of private companies and entrepreneurs has never been so necessary, at a time when civil service positions have become a kind of job refuge for many and, unfortunately, I dare to say, the ultimate aspiration for a considerable part of the young population. However, one of the hallmarks of our territory has been the entrepreneurial character of its people. We could say that entrepreneurship is part of the DNA of this land. Guillermo de Aranzabal, whom we recognize today for his ability to successfully combine the value of tradition with the drive for innovation, exemplifies this entrepreneurial character like no one else. This is evidenced by the expansion of the winery and the establishment of other businesses in sectors other than wine. Hopefully, Guillermo's journey in these Awards will be long and successful, and he can reach the highest level of national and international competition. In addition to being a catalyst for the entire business community, this Award promoted by EY is a magnificent opportunity for the projection of our companies in the rest of Spain and the world."

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