The magical year of Gran Reserva 890

This year will undoubtedly be unforgettable for the 2010 vintage of Gran Reserva 890. The recently published ABC Wine Guide 2024 has just confirmed the third '100 points' achieved by the most exclusive wine from La Rioja Alta, S.A., following those obtained in recent months in Sobremesa magazine -the first 100-point wine in its prestigious publication- and in the Peñín Guide 2024 of Spanish Wines, a worldwide reference manual for our country's wines.


Spain's Best Sommelier in 2013, Pilar Cavero, wine critic for Diario ABC and editor of this new edition of the ABC Guide, where she has tasted and rated nearly 500 references, has stated that "when an extraordinary vintage like that of 2010 is reflected in Gran Reserva 890, it is clear that magic happens." Cavero has also indicated that "classicism, elegance, and complexity are the hallmarks of this emotionally captivating red wine. With a long life ahead, it is a vinous treasure." This is the description of, in her opinion, the best red wine in Spain as it is the only one to have achieved such a perfect score in this 2024 edition.

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